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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Trends, Menus and Recipes

Who prepares the meals in your home?

Having a family of my own, I certainly know that someone is the cook of the household. It's one of those things you just decide at some point, or maybe it just happens. It's not a terrible deal when you think about it. I decided to do all the cooking in my home years ago. Hey, this way I can decide what we eat each day. 
And it's not like you're preparing three meals a day. In this contemporary society, it's more like one. Everyone always snags their own quick breakfast, and we're all in separate places at lunch time, consequently being the cook mostly concerns dinner. While I do strive to prepare healthy dinners often, I can't help but wonder what my family consumes for lunch and breakfast. More and more people seem to just swing by a local fast food joint for a quick number 2 value meal, or a Whopper with extra cheese. Now, we all know this isn't a healthy route to choose. 
However, Americans are clearly into convenience, and the ever-popular fast food joint isn't fading away any time soon. The good news is they are coming out with a few healthy fast food items. Check the latest menus at the drive-thru.
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

Do you prefer the Big Mac combo at McDonalds, or the crispy chicken strips meal at KFC?

Regardless of what you prefer to scarf down on your lunch break, you don't have to go in blind any more. These days we have the power to become privy to all fast foods. Take the Whopper for instance.

Yes indeed, I am talking about the Internet. Are you aware of the healthy fast food, and the heart-stopper meals? Some of these combo deals are infused with fat and cholesterol, while others aren't so unhealthy. This is a well known poor food product.

You would never consider it a healthy fast food. However, if you order it with just the basics, like ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions, it's not nearly as bad. One of the popular healthy fast food items is the plain old roast beef sandwich at Arby's. You can choose from other healthy fast food such as salads with fat free dressing and no cheese.
Are you looking for some healthy fast food on your lunch break? Well, it's time to get online, folks. The Internet presents you with a nutrition guide for any and all fast food. It's time to find out what is healthy fast food and what should be avoided.